Who We Are

In recognizing Sri Lanka’s agriculture based economy with the need to modernize and uplift the livelihoods of its citizens, Dilma Group import and distribute vehicle spare parts under the service sector while planning towards the future growth of Agriculture sector as well as modern technological advancement. We understand the importance of the synergy between above sectors hence companies under Dilma group contributes to all above areas through various innovative products and services.


Dilma Capital Holdings

Dilma Capital Holdings is a business focused at promoting and encouraging healthy foods,toxic free agriculture and native Ayurveda traditions that are essential for a quality living.

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Dilma Auto Trading

Dilma Auto Trading has been in the forefront for many years providing quality spare parts for motor bikes and Three-Wheel sector adhering to the highest standards at all times.

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Dilma Poly Preen Engineering

Dilma Poly Preen Engineering manufacture quality auto motive rubber parts and it proudly present high quality oil seals for automotive as well as industrial requirements.

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Petroleum System International

Petroleum System International is a leading break oil supplier for three wheeler and Motor Cycle market with its SPEED Dot 3 Break Oil.

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Desinghe Pathirage Motor Company

As a manufacturer of local steel auto parts, the company offers number of products relating to three wheelers and Motor cycles.

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DAT Management Services

Dat Management Services is dedicated in providing education service beyond the traditional frame to enhance the imagination and creativity of younger generation of the country.

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